Disney and Hip-Hop

I grew up watching Disney movies and know that they had some impact on me. When I was younger, my parents would put them on. I would also go to the theater occasionally to watch them. I went to Disney World, I watched the television shows, and I also was in love with many of the movies (Lion King, Peter Pan, Aladdin and others). It has been awhile since I have seen a Disney movie, but this post comes at a perfect time for me. Scrolling through the channels on TV, I am watching a documentary called, “The Pixar Story”, about the history of the Disney animation series. There is so much about Disney movies that has changed; the graphics, storylines, fantasy, and creativity. The content is more reflective of the world we live in today. While I recognize that Disney does impact it’s audience in a number of ways, I do not believe that movies made by Disney today or in recent years are “corrupting” kids minds, as this Catholic cleric said in 2008.

It seems to me that Disney has distanced itself from many of the things it used to do with its’ movies and has transitioned to be more diverse. Friendship, overcoming challenges, and other obvious positive messages are central to most every Disney movie. One of my favorite movies is Remember the Titans and I’ve always thought it sent a great message. Disney does have a way of framing things, especially in their portrayals of male/female relationships. This video shows a little of what I am talking about.

I have always loved certain styles of hip-hop music, and over the years have been with friends who listen to it exclusively. Hip-hop culture is very interesting to me because it embodies so many styles. I find myself agreeing with my friends who have listened to I their entire lives: hip-hop, specifically rap, has declined in quality significantly. I don’t know if it is because I do not like it as much or because it really isn’t as good, but the older days Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, and others made the style extremely special to me. There are good artists and songs out there today, but nothing really matches up to what it was before.

I have evolved into a huge electronic/trance/house fan, and much of what is played in certain styles of this music involves rap. It is usually mixed into the song. One of my favorite rappers is Whiz Khalif, so I leave you with my favorite song of his.


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Journalism senior at the University of Oklahoma. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska but consider Dallas, TX my most recent home.
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