Awareness, you say?

This class, even in the limited amount of time that we had, helped me become more aware of the deep-rooted racism and sexism in the media. It also was a good learning experience to hear from my peers and see what some of them have to say about sensitive topics not normally discussed in a journalism course. The readings, videos, blog-posts, class presentations and lectures all made me think more critically about important issues/situations that have arisen and will continue to arise in my life.

Every topic of discussion throughout the class offered new angles and perspectives on things I have thought of many times in my life. When we talked about white privilege, I found myself thinking of all these things I take advantage of on a daily basis and wondering about how difficult it may be if I was a different color. The Disney discussion was interesting to me, although we obviously had some points of difference in the class. Watching The Blind Side was another thing that increased my awareness because I had not seen the movie before and probably would have never watched it had I not been in this course. It was a great example to show some of our society’s stereotypes and had a positive message reflective of the course.

As with many things in society today, we have a long way to go to better the equality and fairness standards in our media. But in general, I see the situation improving. With education and awareness to more people now than ever, the negative messages inside the media will gradually fade away with time. For those of us who go on to become producers of content for different mediums, putting this education and awareness into practice will end it quicker. Staying “out of the box” is something I would like to do for the rest of my life, but more importantly moving further and further away from the box, if that makes sense.

Final Project Video Link:

Interesting picture I found of an event held at OU last year.


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Journalism senior at the University of Oklahoma. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska but consider Dallas, TX my most recent home.
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  1. Hey there Spencer, it’s your classmate Bryan. I feel like your group did an excellent job on the final project. I agree with you when you said towards the end that everyone you all interviewed had a pretty well rounded answer of who Jesus is. I also agree with you that if you all would have done the interviews somewhere else then the answers might have been different. In doing the interviews on campus corner I feel that you get more educated people so the only thing I would have liked to see was maybe do an interview are two away from campus and see how the answers differ. In addition to that I would have liked to seen you all interview some younger kids to see what they think. Overall, I thought that you all did a wonderful job and I think your final project was one of the better ones I’ve seen. It was good having you in class this summer and I hope to keep in touch with each you.

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